Friday, September 28, 2012

Spaetzle and Snitzle

One of the meals that Thomas and I love the most is spaetzle and snitzle. When I lived with Thomas' parents, his mom taught me how to make it and it is still one of our favorites. I always make the pork snitzle (breaded pan fried thin pork pieces) from scratch and I normally make the spaetzle (a German noodle) from a package (just like you make pasta). 

With Thomas and I trying (yes the key word is trying) to make more things from scratch, one of the things Thomas has wanted to try is spaetzle. So tonight, we tried.

As I made the pork, I dried it off, covered it in a flour mixture (flour, little salt, little pepper), dredged it through some whipped egg, and then again covered it in Italian seasoned bread crumbs.

The final piece... delicious.

Meanwhile on the other side of the kitchen, Thomas was making spaetzle. Flour, eggs, water, and salt. The combination then is a dough. After letting is set for 10 min, different directions we heard were to press it through a colander with large holes, or a cheese grater.
That did not work. So Thomas and I eventually just cut it into thin slices and then into tiny pieces. Just like pasta you put it into boiling water. When it floats, it is done.
After that Thomas wanted to pan fry it to give it a little crunch. 

Boy did that make a huge difference. 

 The final product was awesome! There will be a few tweaks next time, such as getting the pieces smaller, but overall I say the meal was a success.
 Toss a little gravy on top and put a side salad next to it, or better yet cucumber salad, and you have yourself a homemade German meal. 

Next recipe research.... how to make the mix from the brown gravy packets.

I do think this is the first time Thomas and I have ever cooked a meal together. Almost 6 years later and we are still having firsts!