Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Katie Lew's Wedding in Ferndale, WA

Since I am getting in the last few posts that I did not get to do last year before my self imposed deadline, here is one of my favs. 

Katie Lew's Wedding
August 2013
Becca and Katie are my 2 best friends from high school. Becca married Jeff a year after I married Thomas. And now Katie has joined the club by marrying Tommy. 
Yep, just like the country song.

So we all gallivanted on up to Ferndale, WA where we spend three days making sure this whole shindig happened. And it did. And it was documented by Jeff because I was to busy to take any pictures. And he takes amazingly wonderful pictures. So here you go. Few words. Lots of pictures.

Katie did an amazing job pulling this all together. Good work friend!
 This is Becca and Jeff with their little guy Cooper. These are all of Jeff's amazing pictures.
We got to give the speeches. Hehe. So much laughter!

I am going to have to find the pictures of the 3 of us at my wedding and Becca's wedding.

This guy needs a kid.

No we are not prego, although this picture makes me look like it! Yikes!

It was seriously a beautiful wedding and I am so excited for the life these 2 have already lived over the past months since they got married August 2013. 
They already got a puppy!

And I don't have any of their pictures here, but Joe and Patience took beautiful wedding pictures of them. And Patience came back afterward to help clean up! They are an amazingly talented sweet couple.

Thank you Jeff Allen for all of these pictures!