Friday, May 23, 2014

The New Mrs Kucera

We headed to California to celebrate us gaining an new sister-in-law.
Along with all the other family and friends of the Gavin-Kucera clan.

So we made it a complete wedding and marriage weekend. Including staying with our friends John and Marissa who just got married in April. I wrote about their wedding here.

Remember the Jorissa's?

This is the about 3 houses down from their house on their street.
Where Thomas proposed to me in Aug 2006.
Only this was day and there was a white van there as opposed to night with Thomas' green little Saturn.
Rehearsal and Dinner
I only have pictures from the rehearsal and the reception because there was a no camera's rule during the ceremony. Which was actually nice to just watch it and not try to take pictures of every little event.
Thomas walking his mom down the aisle.

Christian waiting at the alter with John the pastor who did their marital counseling and then married them. The neat thing is, he also did our marital counseling. Only he did not marry us due to scheduling and location conflicts.

View from the rehearsal dinner.
Lisa and Christian found a beautiful Bed and Breakfast that really provided a beautiful packaged deal. There were 5 rooms, a beautiful place to have a ceremony, and a beautiful place to have the reception all on the grounds.

The grounds were exquisite.
You always have to show food when you stay at a Bed and Breakfast, right?
This what the morning of their wedding after quite some laughter.
There were 5 rooms that were occupied by us! The bride, groom, maid of honor, bridesmaid, 2 best man, groomsman, and 2 significant others.
It was such a relaxing morning of breakfast, a game of farkle, and then hours of getting ready before the big afternoon.
Ready and waiting for the first look.
The wedding happened here.
And then there were tons of pictures.
Including this selfie with Thomas' parents.

My nice picture.

Thomas' prom picture. Because that's how we roll.
Lisa did such a beautiful job planning this. I would have gladly had my wedding be this one. Loved every detail she thought of.
She had fabric for each guest to write on so a quilt could be made for them.

All of their tables were named after hikes they have been on or that they want to go on. We were at the Rainier table. Fitting.

She even included the parents and grandparents wedding photos.This is her parents wedding photo.
** Not Thomas' Mom's list stated previously!

This is my in-law's Keith and Maria's wedding photo.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Christian and Lisa Kucera.

My favorite Mr. Kucera. Sorry Grandpa, Keith, and Christian!

The wedding food. I got to eat a flower!

I absolutely loved to see all the Kucera family, meet all the Gavin family, and catch up with all of the fake family.

So excited to have you in the family Lisa!