Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rampart Ridge Trail Hike/Snowshoe Trip

This winter with 2 of my 4 sisters living close to me in the Pacific Northwest, I really wanted them to experience snowshoeing with me.

And it turned into a hike half way up the trail and then snowshoeing the rest of the way with our buddies Kathryn and Montana. Did not expect to be hiking at all.

Next time sisters, next time.

Love Rainier for snowshoeing!
6 mile trail there and back. We attempted to hike the loop, but ended up coming back the way we came in.
 We are always up for a little snowshoeing adventure! 
If we can fit you in our schedule naturally. :)

Come visit us and we will go!
And enjoy these snow pictures as the temperature is now in the 80's for us up here!
I know most of my family is roasting down in So Cal in 100 degree weather.