Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Day to Sail Away

Our friends Sarah and Craig bought a sailboat to live on.
Talk about simplifying life!
I thought about it for 2 seconds. Nope. Not for me.
So we came to visit.
And this is what our first two visits looked like.
Beautiful view from the marina.
Eating dessert.

Thomas looking fabulous in my sunglasses.

This little lens cap already had a dip in the water. Apparently I have officially spent time on a boat.

The Olympics in the background.

Sunny and FREEZING!

View from laying beneath the mast with Sarah.

Relaxing in her home out on the water.

I am not sure if this one....

Or this one is my favorite.

Mid sail warm up drink.

This was actually the first time we visited their boat when it was in the water.

These two, happy little clams.
Many future adventures to be had on this sail boat!
Yay Sarah and Craig!