Monday, April 28, 2014

Magical Reality - My first time to Disney World

Over my 30th birthday I happened to have a work trip take me to Disney World for the first time. 
Having grown up going to Disneyland a million times, I was interested in the differences.

Animal Kingdom: 
There is nothing like it in Disneyland, except the Matterhorn/Expedition Everest ride. To me they are the same ride. To true Disney folks they are not.

Delicious meal, because it is mandatory to post 1 food picture on a trip, right?

It is the animal kingdom, so we saw lots of animals.

Magic Kingdom: 
Basically Disneyland, only spread out a whole lot more with a few rides missing that ended up in other Disney World parks.
Emily my co-worker, friend, and adventure buddy for the trip. This was the only picture we ended up taking together. Naturally it was when we got stuck on my favorite ride Thunder Mountain.

For the most part I obeyed the rule to not take pictures so that we could "preserve the magic"... For the most part. Don't ask Thomas about all the other rules I like to break.

Glad we didn't get stuck there! All those stair along the rides make sense now.

You are still my favorite ride!
I think this is my favorite picture of the whole trip. This is where I get deep. The second I saw it, I thought that it was perfect. Even the most magical life, has the reality that it needs to be maintained. Perfect.
Did you know that when you leave Disney, Main Street is made to look longer while you leave to entice you to shop?

And shorter when you come in! Disney facts via Emily.
So up until this point it seemed very similar to Disneyland to me, only a million times bigger, and I saw a lot more animals. And then there were all the rest of the parks. Wow.

The Boardwalk:
We had dinner one evening at the boardwalk. It was adorable.

A whole new world. Literally. And the topiaries? I have no words. Made my heart smile.

Crazy cool clouds that day.

Love Finding Nemo! My favorite line from Pearl the baby octopus. "Aww man! I inked!"

I want this herb garden bad! Thomas, you are up buddy!

These ovens were hilarious.

And apparently I had to include 2 food pictures. Prosciutto, arugula, and cantaloupe on pizza. Sounds weird, but it was amazing!

Your welcome, Thomas.

I had a blast with my camera and the fireworks.

This was our hotel. Such weird fascinating people staying here.

Hollywood Studios:

Also completely different then Disney World, but they do have the Tower of Terror just like California Adventure does. And the detail is crazy amazing!
Overall, it was super fun to see the major differences between Disney World and Disneyland.
Great place to turn 30.