Friday, July 21, 2017

Adler's Eighth Month

~ Monthly Letter ~
Dear Adler,

Hi sweet boy! I seriously adore being your mama. We just have so much fun together all day every day. We rolled the ball back and forth which was so fun.

You run with your dada 3 times a week and still LOVE going on walks. In fact, if you wake up grumpy, we put you in that stroller and just go.

I put you in the nursery at MOPS for the first time. You did awesome for 1.5 hours which was totally understandable because you were way past due for a nap. Later in the month, you went into the nursery at church too.

So many firsts still this month. You had your first camping trip too! Which of course, minus the 6 hour drive there, you did great. You also have started to pull yourself up and crawl all over the place even after Gracie. You were dedicated at church and it was your dada's birthday.

And your first fever. Your sleep wasn't so hot because of your fever, but you got better and it went back to normal.

You started scooting along the couch too. Slow your roll kid!

One of my favorite things you do is when you bring your hands to your face with complete joy.

We also went to Utah for the Young Living convention and you took it all like a champ. You certainly live life with us and you do it well! We missed fathers day, but the day after when your dada picked us up, you were over the moon to see him. It was seriously the best.

You have mastered the crawling to sitting movement. And you have started to blow bubbles with your lips!

You are wearing 9 month clothes and I really need to switch stuff out because they are getting a bit tight! 12 month jammies, size 4 disposables and still the 2nd snap on the cloth diapers. Our routine is cloth during the day, a disposable and cloth at night, and disposable when we travel.

You have never taken to the bottle or a pacifier, but you certainly love playing with everything you can get your hands on. Your dada reads to you every day and you LOVE it. You especially love the walrus in the Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do you see Book.

You love looking at people, but kids always catch your attention.

And food! You always want food when you see me eating. You are still just getting bites of the fruits and veggies I eat with a few things like beans or lentils tossed in.

Sweet boy, you make my heart so happy just getting to spend the day with you. I can't tell you how much I look forward to the day your dada gets to stay home with us!


~ Monthly Photos ~