Thursday, June 22, 2017

Adler's Seventh Month

~ Monthly Letter ~
Dear Adler,

You sweet boy are just becoming more and more mobile. You have taken to pulling yourself up from the floor onto our mattress, which is on the floor and about 8 inches high. You also figured out how to go from crawling, to sitting on your own. And you did it twice.

You had your first day in your life where you didn't poop. I was just waiting for the blow out!

We went to Southern California where you met your great aunt Cindy, Becca/Jeff and their kiddos, Kristin/Jake and their kiddos, all the DeHoog side of the family, as well as your Aunt Alyssa, Uncle Nate, and your two cousins Kai and Kara! You were just enamored with your cousins. But not so much enamored with the ocean. The sand was ok, but the cold moving water was not your favorite. And you didn't sleep very well on that trip unfortunately. You just grinned when we FaceTimed with dada and you just grinned when he picked us up at the airport.

You blew a raspberry on my shoulder for the first time. And you figured out that if you get your knees under you when on all fours, then you can launch yourself forward to get closer to what ever it is that you want. You crawled forward for the first time, as well as pulled yourself up to kneeling and standing on your own.

You are in size 3 disposable diapers, moving to size 4. Still in the 2 snaps in cloth diapers. You are pretty much wearing all size 9 clothes with size 12 jammies.

Your 6 month appointment you were 19 pounds 4 ounces, 27 inches long, and your head was 44 cm around. One healthy sweet boy! All right above the 50th percentile.

You move your hand open and close like you are waving to yourself. And you are fascinated with the vacuum. Dada starts vacuuming and you will stop what ever you are doing to watch. Scoring around in circles to watch.

You got your first cough, but we eventually got rid of it. And with the sun shining, we played outside so much! And dogs!!! You just giggle when you see them. If they lick you, it sends you into a fit of giggles that just cracks me up!

It was my first mother's day and we were all just pretty relaxed, because I wasn't feeling 100%.

I have started giving you chunks of veggies to naw on and you are figuring it out.

When you are sitting somewhere and I reach for you, you reach back for me to pick you up, especially in the car seat.

And you ended the month with officially crawling. From your dada to where Amy and I were sitting. It was so awesome! And then you rolled over from back to front for the first time too.

One of my favorite things you do is put your forehead to mine and just talk to me. I absolutely adore it. You do also make a tiger growling noise which is pretty funny.

I truly just love doing life with you. We just go places, do things together, and you still just love watching people where ever you are. You will go to just about anyone and when someone smiles at you, you will stare at them and then eventually smile back. Praying for God to just shine through you always.


~ Monthly Photos ~