Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Not a New Years Resolution

Since we all know that I have only ever attempted 1 serious New Years Resolution, (because it was a fun, do 52 Things on Pinterest resolution), I am not going to make a resolution again this year. And because I am a rebel and I don't like doing things in the same time frame as everyone else.

So this is what I have on the plate this year.
My goals not resolutions, that way if I don't complete them, I don't beat myself up.

1. Be kinder to people
I just want to focus on it.
2. Discover who Jesus is to me
I started making a list of the names and character traits that resonate with me.
I want to learn more.
3. Slow down life
With round 3 of IVF happening, this year was not what we expected.
So I am being intentional about doing life slowly and less stress filled.
4. Hit Silver this year
Many of you know that I started using oils and really got into them this last year. 
What many of you don't know, is that it turned into a side business.
I never want to be "THAT" person who is push. I simply want to share and teach about oils, a more natural way to maintain our health.
And my next level in the company is Silver.
So if you are interested in oils, and you are interested in teaching people about oils, and you are interested in a way to make a bit of income on the side? Hit me up.

So you like how I also thought about this and posted this on Day 6 of this year? 
Do you like my little rebelliousness of not posting and being strict with myself to get it out on the 1st?
Honestly, I hadn't even thought any of this through on the 1st. I will still in So Cal, soaking up all the sunshine, family, and friends. I certainly didn't care about goals then.

And yes, next up is my final post about actually miscarrying. I was just busy the last 2 weeks and for some reason have been procrastinating writing it. But I will. I promise.