Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not Buying "Things" for a Whole Year - 12 months later

Welp, we did it! We successfully went 12 months without buying any "things".
So here are our,
Lessons Learned
  • There is a whole lot of stuff, we just don't need.
  • We did buy a few things as replacements. For instance, my car was stolen, so we bought a new car. And actually, if we weren't doing IVF, I could have gone without an extra one.
  • We had 2 yard sales in this process, and still we manage to find more "stuff" to get rid of. (I can't wait to make the babies room and get rid of even more!)
  • We use this time to fix things in our house. For instance, we got recessed lighting put it. 
  • Now that we are free to buy, it is still hard to buy for us. I have been buying presents for other people, but honestly, I just don't go to the store ever.
  • I became the queen of justifying as one co-worker tells me. For instance, I bought a new rain coat, because I hiked rainer, but I also sold my other rain coat that also had a down coat inside, so really i replaced 2 things with 1 (good justification right?) But the reality is, that was a part of our rules. We could replace things.
  • Because we didn't ever go to the store really other then for food, some things did really need to be replaced by the end of the year. Such as Thomas' undershirts. Yikes. Good thing we got new ones last week!
  • You need a whole lot less then you think.
  • Food and consumables are awesome gifts that don't clutter!
  • It is really hard to read through the hundreds (ok thousands) of books I have to get rid of them in a year. Although I did make a really good dent!
  • Every year that we go through and get rid of stuff, it gets easier to get rid of additional stuff the next year. I mean, do I really need 7 creamer pitchers? 
  • I was even able to score an awesome deal on a table and chairs, turn around and sell my old chairs and the table, coming out $110 ahead! That was a deal I could not resist.

These were from our 2nd yard sale of the year.
Yes we still have a lot of crap.
And by the way, non of this comes back inside. Our rule is, once it goes out, it goes to good will!
So the pile we have in our basement again? More stuff that we need to get rid of again!
Although I do have to say that 3 other people brought stuff over :)
See? Justifying!

And if you get a chance? This is still the same lady who first inspired me to live simply with less waste,. She talks about how to celebrate earth day with your kids. Definitely a good read.

Take Away Thoughts
I am so glad I did this.
I am glad that it helped us prep for going to 1 salary in a few months when these babies come.
I am thankful that my kiddos will not be raised with the excess mentality.
I am super excited to do babies minimally.
And Thomas and I are still implementing, when something comes in, something must go out.
So if you ever want to do this yourself…. give yourself leeway, but at the same time have an accountability partner! I can't tell you how many times Thomas and I had to remind each other that we couldn't buy anything! It is not natural in our society, but it can be done!

And now I feel like I need a whole new wardrobe. 
But of course I will be switching out all my old stuff with new stuff, right?! :)