Monday, March 31, 2014

Yellow, Orange, and Blue Baby Boy Airplane Shower

In the past few months I have thrown 2 different baby showers for friends. 
This first shower was for Kristen and for a not yet named (at the time), little baby boy who's daddy is a C-17 pilot. 
I had the help of Kristen's sister-in-law Sara-Anne who soon because a sweet friend!
This was the banner for the facebook invite.
 I quickly learned that I love paying attention to the little details, but not stressing about the big things.
All the food with the help of Sara-Anne and her mom. Love when MIL's help!
Had to get a little creative with the drinks right?
And with banner's being all the rage.... I had to unclude one! And use maps because dad is a pilot. Ok yes they are road maps, but still! And yes, I happen to see my thanksgiving decorations in the background. Oops!
Another paper airplane banner. Doesn't my neighbors back yard look nice! Thanks Mike!
More mini paper airplanes on fantastic chocolate chip shaving cupcakes! Oh yum. Thank you Sara-Anne for introducing me!
We made personalized thank you notes, goody bags, and played 2 different games!
Love these ladies... Erin, Kristin (the mama to be), Laura, and myself. These 3 were key to the little girl baby shower that is up next! And yes, excuse the lens distortion. Clearly had the wide angle on for this shot!
And of course the day tons of people come over to my house is the day the wind blows all the leaves from the entire neighborhood, onto my front steps.
Thank you Sara-Anne for your help.
And thank you Kristen for allowing us to be a part of a day to celebrate you and baby Luke! (who yes, has been born for months now and now has a name.)