Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Not a New Year’s Resolution 2014

After my success in completing my 2013 New Year’s Resolution in just 4 months, I was inspired to do another one this year. I was planning on doing a similar resolution in cooking 52 recipes out of my cook books. And then I decided not to. I mean really? I get so busy in life as is, why put another thing to think about on my plate? So I am going to push myself to cook out of the cookbooks more, but I am not going to make it a resolution.

Another resolution I had thought of, was to get my posts out within a month of traveling. Again, not going to make it a resolution, but definitely going to try and be intentional about doing things on time!

Since I already have a few resolutions from 2013 that are carrying over, I thought I would give you some updates.

In November I started 3 things. Be in the Word daily, take a picture daily, and complete Ann Voskamp’s 1000 gifts.
Well I have already failed. So in the spirit of the New Year and simplifying my life (as I did last year), I have decided to cut out the thankful part. Sounds funny, but although I love the idea, I realized as I did the exercise that it was just another thing to do. I wasn’t really thinking about my thankful's long and hard. So that is gone. I am starting to read the book this weekend, so maybe I will pick it back up when I am done, but for now I am done. We shall see.

As for the pictures, I took a million pictures when I was in London, Paris, and Germany (I will post those soon!), but I haven’t touched my camera in the week I have been home. So I need to pick that up again. Still want to accomplish that goal.

I have however continued to be in the Word! Love that. Want to dig deeper.

And my other resolution that I started in December, so far we are going strong. We made it through traveling in 3 foreign countries without buying anything for ourselves. It was definitely difficult at points and both Thomas and I had things in our hands that we debated long and hard about, but we succeeded! 1.5 months and we are still going strong! Still no new stuff for the house. Although I have wanted to buy stuff to organize our house. Still debating that. :)

I have realized something I love about the New Year. It isn’t the resolutions as much as it is a time to stop, look around you, and be intentional. So Thomas and I are being intentional about going through our house AGAIN. Room by room, going through and decluttering and simplifying. Again. After the craziness of the holidays, I love that we get to start clean. (And have another yard sale this spring!) It isn’t a time to beat myself up about the fact that I hadn’t worked out much in the last few months, or that it is cliché to start fresh each New Year, but it is just that… a time once a year where you get to start fresh.

So I am….
Continuing to not spend money on “things”.
Simplifying my home and decluttering again. Room by room.
Continue to be in the Word.
Start exercising more for no other reason than it is good for me (I already did yoga twice in the last week!)
Going through my list of crafting projects and getting them done. And not adding any more for goodness sake!
Continue to pick up my camera daily.
Be intentional about loving and really focusing on people.

So there you go. That is my non resolution, resolution. Things that I am already doing, but just being more intentional about doing them and slowing down in the middle of all of it.

A little joy to share with you. Love this big guy!