Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Hope of Spring

The thing I love the most about spring is the gentle reminder of hope. Hope to me, comes in the form of crocuses that pop their little heads up and show us the bright purple, white, or yellow faces that face toward the sun. They are such a bright spot after a long grey winter.

I love that no matter the time in my life, whether it is a time of loss, a time of faith, or a time of sitting in the grace of God’s promises that He has us exactly where He wants us. Right now. And in the midst of it all, to be grateful and joyous. Because there is a reason that He has us in this place. Even if that place takes years. And we don't exactly understand why at the time.

Our circumstances do not change our Hope.

God has Thomas and I right here, right now. Loving people, enjoying time with each other, in WA, in Tacoma, at Boeing, just the two of us, for a reason. And He gives us hope. And a reminder that there is a time for everything. My circumstance does not change my hope. My life is amazing. He has truly given us an abundance. And I would not change my life for the world.

I cannot wait to see what else God has planned for our lives together. I love every season of life, we have lived together so far. Although spring with all the beautiful crocuses is still my favorite.