Monday, September 19, 2011

Taken the Plunge

Well, I have given in. Might as well place all my updates in one spot instead of in a folder in my email. So I started a blog. I know, I am one of those people. But think of this... You can always go back and read my old blogs all in one place when you are bored! And look at the pictures too :) Ok, not likely, but I will still be sending out the emails because I know a few of you won't read a blog. Not that I blame you. And I still love you anyways!

Now for the stuff you actually care about. Our lives :) Thomas is still plugging away at his class while, I am happy as a clam because my two classes are finished as of last friday. Between both I wrote 40 pages! A little crazy if you ask me, but I survived. And Thomas survived. He is loving his last 2.5 weeks of freedom until he starts his job Oct 7th.

On another note we had 6 weeks of sun and no rain, but the rain has graced us with its presence again. So here we are headed back into the rainy season with only 6 weeks of sun under our belts. I may need a sunny rescue a little earlier then normal. Next month perhaps? Another 10 months of dark is a little sad to me. However on the upside, it is FALL!!! I already decorated and love to watch the leaves change even if I am already wearing gloves and 2 coats. I know I could not possibly survive in a truly cold place.

Welcome to the start of my life in a blog.