Friday, September 30, 2011

The Love of Husbands

Wednesday morning I dropped Thomas off at the airport so he could embark on a mini adventure with his guy friends John and Dave in Tahoe. With Thomas being home for over a year now since his last deployment, I have come to realize a few things. Thomas is an incredible man. I mean really? He puts up with me every day and with a smile on his face!

But in reality, with the past 2 days alone under my belt I recognize what I cherish the most about him. The little things.

  • I love that he always turns off the fan before I get out of bed in the morning so I am not too cold.

  • His very presence in our home makes it just that, our home.

  • I love that I get greeted after work with him running to open the front door for me.

  • He does the laundry and the dishes, but times it so that I always get a hot shower.

  • I love that he chats with me on the way home from work so I am not bored, when I can't get ahold of other people to talk to.

These are all things that I forget how special they are when I see him every day. And as you all know there have been very few little days for us together until recently. I love that I am getting to know the joy of married life and the reminders of how special Thomas is to me.

Can't wait to hear all about his Tahoe trip when I pick him up from the airport tonight, right after I give him a huge hug for being great.