Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Adler's Third Month

~ Monthly Letter ~
Dear Adler,
Oh my word you are growing sweet boy. So many new things!

You are officially fully in cloth diapers now and we have figured out our system so you don't leak! We are still working through being able to not changing you in the middle of the night though. You are mostly in 6-9 month clothing. And you wore your first pair of pants and real jeans! Welcome to the real world buddy.

You slept 8 hours straight one night! You always sleep about 12 hours and right now you are very consistent with sleeping till about 7. You wake up for an hour and then always go back to sleep for your first morning nap. When you nurse and are sleepy: on your left side, you play with your ear and hair and on your right side, you rub your eye.

You still sleep curled into me during the night and you sleep with your hands by your face or above your head if you are on your stomach or on your back. You definitely prefer your stomach though. I have transitioned to putting you down in your dock a tot when you take naps now. I still try and hold you for one nap a day though, because I adore it. And sleepy waking up Adler is my favorite!!

Your silly parents just figured out that you fuss because you are tired when we keep you up more then 1-1.5 hours. So we have been intentional about keeping you on that track and you do so much better! You also fuss because you are bored. So we have been doing rounds of laying on your back and kicking up a storm, tummy time, reading books, and playing with different toys. Putting you down for naps has been life changing for this mama. Your dad and I cleaned and organized the whole house in 3 days after we started putting you down!

We also just added in dada reading you a book after shower time for bed time routine. And your dada holds you up to the mirror and you started smiling and talking to yourself!

I don't really ever burp you any more. You just kinda figured it out on your own. Unless I can hear you take in air and you are getting frustrated eating, then I will try and get a burp out. You are still nursing like a rock star! We tried to bottle feed you twice and you chewed on the nipple, just like you chew on the pacifier. You are definitely not interested.

You still spit up massive spit ups once a week or so, but if I look you in the eyes when you do it and talk you through it, you don't totally freak out. It is just when an air bubble gets in your belly that won't come out now. You definitely got better by the end of the month and hardly ever have them. And your left eye finally stopped weeping! Either you grew out of it, or it is the lavender/melrose combo I have been putting on the bridge of your nose.

Your eyes are definitely blue and your hair has dark ends, but the roots are showing up as blond now.

You had your first road trip to Spokane! 5.5 hours on the way there and 8 hours on the way back. You were a rock star! We visited Tanie Em and she taught you how to stick out your tongue.

It was your first Christmas and first New Years. So so sweet. It was just the three of us and the most relaxing beautiful time.

We had your 2 month appointment. We love your pediatrician Michelle Hayes! You are 50% across the board. 23.25 inches, 12 pounds 14 ounces, and your head is 38.75 inches around. The only thing she mentioned was that you need to start reading for noisy things. So we started practicing and you reached for the metal keys that your Aunt Lisa and Uncle Christian got you for Christmas!

My favorite thing is when you are nursing, and then all of a sudden you get really serious and start talking to me while you are still nursing. You just have things you have to tell me.

You are starting to stand when we hold you up and put weight on your legs. And you have started to smile and talk to other people when they smile at you! We just pray that you will keep blessing others with your smiles like you have already started too.

Best part of the month? The giggle attack you had. Best videos ever. Keep on bringing joy to the world sweet boy.


~ Monthly Photos ~