Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Not So New Years Resolution

Wow, I just looked back and realized that I only had 8 posts in 2015 here on this blog.
Lets look at the number of posts I have written each year.
Long Sleeves in a Short Person World
2015 - 8
2014 - 55
2013 - 59
2012 - 52
2011 - 7
But then I look over at The Invention of Tiny Toes and realize, ah! I was over there A LOT.
The Invention of Tiny Toes
2015 - 49
2014 - 54

I see 2 things here.
1) When I look at the number of posts I have written, to me it is a direct reflection of how much I had to say. Oh my. I had quite a bit to say in 2014. 109 posts worth of things to say. Twice as much as any other year.
2) My last 2 years, especially the last year, my complete focus has been on bringing those little toes into the world. Yep. Sums it up.

But welcome back to Long Sleeves in a Short Person World!
And here is what this post was supposed to be all about. Not so New Years Resolutions.

New Years Resolution Thoughts
Around the New Year as I read everyone else's New Year's resolutions, naturally I started to think of if I had any. I thought of a few things, but never wrote them down or even talked to anyone else about them. But as I printed out the calender for 2016, I did create check boxes on it for things like drinking more water, intentional time with God, exercise, and flossing my teeth (cause I just struggle). These are the 4 things that I cannot force myself to do all in 1 day. Don't ask me why, but I can't.

But during a conversation with my sweet friend Laura the other day, who I have walked side by side as we work our separate businesses and talked about our goals and dreams together, she asked me if I had any New Years resolutions. I said no, but then as I talked, I told her how I was being intentional about being calm. That not only was I cleaning each room in our house from top to bottom and going through all of our items and getting rid of anything that we didn't use in the last year to simplify our lives, I was also being intentional about approaching life with a peace and a calm. To me that equals a non stressed life. And I can honestly say I have yet to be stressed about anything this year. A whole 13 days in and going strong. Don't get me wrong, those check marks for exercise and water consumption? They certainly have not all been checked off, but I have been living with an intentionally simplified spirit for sure.

And then after I told her I was "spring cleaning" my pinterest boards, we started talking about my pinterest resolution from 2 years ago. After a little while, since she blogs too and blogs about food, we agreed that we were each going to cook something new once a week and blog about it. Whether it is from cookbooks or pinterest, we are going to do it together! And now she is committed because I just put it out there. Hehe. Nothing like forcing your friends hand. So! Here we go!

And lastly, we talked about a word for the year. I have some friends that are very intentional about this. I mainly came by it because I felt the word Abide so strongly last year. Well, this year, or maybe it is just this next Frozen Embryo Transfer round, but I strongly feel my word is Joy. So there you go. My word for the year is joy. To live it, to feel it, to give it. Joy.

  1. Living an intentionally simplified life. 
  2. Being better at drinking water, exercising, spending time with God, and flossing.
  3. Blog about a recipe I tried from pinterest or one of my cook books. (Although lets be real, it will most likely all come from pinterest.)
  4. Come to know the true meaning of JOY in all things.
Do it! 
And do it with JOY!
And blog about it for all of you. 
Or maybe just for her, but all of you can join in the fun as well. 

I will include the link to what she made each week too.
Because I think it will be grand fun to do it together!
So, here is to 50 new recipes, since we are starting 2 weeks late.
I really want to move tons of the pins from these bottom 12 boards into the top 3 boards! Maybe I will even enlist Thomas's help! Although not for the challenge. I will do the weekly recipes all by myself, thank you!