Monday, June 16, 2014

Kilimanjaro - Day 1

The group has now finished Day 1:  LONDOROSSI GATE to MTI MKUBWA 7,742’~2,360m ∙ 3 mi~4.8 km ∙ 3-4 hrs
After a restful night at the hotel, we begin our trek from western side checking in at the Londorossi gate with a starting altitude of 7,742’~2,360m.  The trail with gently ascend through the montane forest until you are welcomed into camp under the Climb Kili banner with tents set up and your personal belongings inside. Tonight’s camp is nestled in the Kilimanjaro rain forest at the Mti Mkubwa which in Swahili means Big Tree.

All is well and they are resting for the night.  I will try to update as often as possible although sometimes over the weekend or if they are in a spotty area for reception they do not update. If you would like to see the current and forecasted weather of where they are right now as well as elevations they will be traveling to in the next few days, please 
click here.  You can select the desired altitude as it corresponds to the camp they are at to see the current conditions.  Thanks!