Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing... Calia's Cottage

My latest time thief of mine has been starting my own little business or as my mom said, Mica’s sweat shop. I have been ruminating about some day selling my crafts and last summer in talking with my friend Dana about my quilts, she suggested that I sell some in her consignment store. A few things postponed my immediate desire to do that including school, making many other friend’s baby quilts, and then of course the holidays.

So here I am. It’s now May. And I did it! Calia’s Cottage has been created (I will tell you the story behind the name another day). I finally made a backlog of quilts and dropped them off at Blooming Kids. After talking to Dana and getting more ideas I promptly went home to make more baby stuff. So there are now taggies and binky clips to match the quilts that are at her store.

For all you non local’s, I also started an Etsy shop, which is where I also sell my crafts online! You can see my shop when you look at the top of this page at the tab called Calia’s Cottage – My Etsy Shop. There I am selling all the items I make. Since all my quilts are at Blooming Kids at the moment and I am still working on the next one, I only have binky clips, taggies, carseat canopy’s, minky blankets, and burp cloths available at the moment.

I also created a facebook page where you can see what items are at Dana’s shop Blooming Kids, what items are on Etsy, pictures of all the items I make, and the quilt patterns I can make. That is also a tab at the top of this page called Calia’s Cottage – Facebook page . If you see something on there that you like, but it is not currently on my etsy shop, or you want a different color you can contact me at and we can work something out! The final tab is simply my pinterest boards where you can see what I like J

To top it all off, a friend of mine who started her own little shop eeBee Ones, is going to be sharing a booth with me this summer at Art on the Ave on July 14th and 15th and Proctor Arts Fest on August 4th! I will definitely remind all you locals to come visit us here in Tacoma

Now that I have linked you to everything you could possibly see about Calia’s Cottage, I am off to make more baby stuff.