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How To Get The Awesome Kit of Oils

Join our oily fun club!
When I was first interested in essential oils I was so overwhelmed and intimidated  – What was what? What was good? What did I need? Do I really need that 20 lb book to be able to figure all this out? That’s what I LOVE about the Young Living community. We are one amazing community of oilers and you’ll never feel alone on this wonderful journey.
There are two ways to be a part of the YL community – as a retail customer or as a wholesale customer. Become a wholesale customer! Think of it like a discount membership to your favorite store. You’ll get access to the amazing Starter Kits (I highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit), be able to purchase at wholesale (24% off) and have access to amazing benefits, earn points and free products through Essential Rewards. I like to think of it as a Costco membership for oils, except I don’t remember the last time Costco gave me free stuff….. It’s pretty amazing.

There are also the Ningxia Red and Thieves Premium Starter Kits.
Also $300 values for only $150!!!

So let’s get started!
Step 1: Click here to be taken to the sign up page. (This should open up in a new window so you can refer back to this page to continue the instructions)
Step 2: Make sure “Member” (which is wholesale customer) is checked. This is the ONLY way to get the 24%, purchase the Starter Kits, and have the opportunity to earn free product and points through Essential Rewards. My number is already in the boxes, so you get to join my awesome team!
Step 3: Input all your personal information. This will include your social secrity number for tax purposes. Talk to me about this if you have concerns! Be sure to remember your username, password and pin number for future reference. I don’t suggest using your bank pin as this is your password when calling Customer Service.
Step 4: Select the “Premium Starter Kit” for $150. This is the best deal (you get the 11 oils and the diffuser shown above) and the kit I would recommend and purchased myself. I wish I could get another!
Step 5: I always say to explore your Starter Kit before signing up for Essential Rewards. But us addicts, we love our rewards! This is how you can earn free product, cheaper shipping rates and points to buy free oils later on. For now, you can just click “No, thank you.”
Step 6: Confirm your enrollment by clicking “I Agree.”
Step 7: Almost done! Now that you’ve created your account this is where you can checkout and purchase your Starter Kit or add more products (you will get the 24% off in this order and any future order if you stayed with Member not Retail Customer on the first page). Make sure to complete this process or you won’t get anything in the mail. (Not good!)
Step 8: Wait impatiently by the door until your box of fun arrives!
We can’t wait for you to join our oily party!
 Step 9: I contact you and do a little dance! And I am available for any and all questions!

Sign up here!