Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pikes Place and Pier 39

Over Labor Day, Thomas and I were able to spend the weekend together with his brother Christian and his brother's girlfriend Lisa. Or at least she was then. Now...
They are engaged!!! I love it! 

I have 2 brother-in-laws, but she will be my first sister-in-law. And we get to spend a week and a half in Europe together soon! Clearly excited!

Anyway, back to our little Seattle trip. Lisa also loves photography and it is certainly amazing to have another person with a camera there. She took come awesome shots that were included in our Christmas card this year.

We decided to park at SeaTac and take the Link light rail into downtown because we did not want to deal with parking downtown on Labor Day. And the ride was very interesting. We definitely saw some areas we have never been, which I loved!
All of us on the light rail together. Thomas, myself, Christian, and Lisa.
So here we go... Our walk around Seattle through pictures.
Half way down Pikes Place at the top of the Hill. Myself, Thomas, Christian.
My favorite little ally way.
So many gorgeous flowers.
You have to try the chocolate pasta when you go!!! Such an interesting treat!
I just love this.
Oh the fresh peppers!!!
Our view during our little lunch. Next to the delicious mini donuts!
A Christmas picture preview, at least one of them!
It was trying to be fall!!!
I just love this shot.
I know the last shot is curved because of the lens I was using, but I love the look! And the day was just a fantastically beautiful one!
So again... Congrats Christian and Lisa!!! 
So excited for many more years of spending lots of quality time together.