Monday, August 26, 2013

Glamping Staycation - Green Mountain Hike

I know it has been months now, but over Memorial Day, Thomas and I were going to go camping with our friends Sarah and Craig. Between the bridge going out at Mt Vernon the day before we were to leave and the forecast of rain, we decided to stay home. 

So instead, we became the Kucera B&B and discovered a hike close to home! 45 minutes away from Tacoma we went to Green Mountain. If you go to the website, it gives you a detailed description of the hike, directions out there, elevation change, and a view from the top. The beauty was definitely in the hike though. It is 5 miles round trip, however a beautiful 5 miles! And really not that steep.

I can't pass up a bridge picture.
This did not do the fern and flowers justice.
A break in the trees.
Our lunch stop by the parking lot. Seriously? We hiked to a parking lot where we could have parked?
The view. Downtown Seattle of in the distance and Mt Rainer if it wasn't cloudy. Next time.
There is downtown Seattle.
The 4 of us and the random guy taking a picture.
Darn cool rings.
A trail in honor of Wathora.
Wathora's Story.
Delicious little berries Sarah and I eat every time we hike.
It was an amazing hike and an amazing weekend. Craig built me some shelves down my basement and I discovered an amazing kettle corn recipe over the stove. So good! And of course I have to share.