Monday, March 18, 2013

Diet for Healthy Sake

So Thomas and I started The Makers Diet on February 18th. It definitely is a first for us and I definitely feel the need every time it comes up to clarify that this is not a "lose weight diet', it is a "get healthy and see if there are any allergies" diet. As if that helps. It is still restricting our food intake.

The quick over view of the diet is that we could eat any meat and veggies we wanted, but the carbs and the sugars were cut completely out and then added in slowly to see if there were any allergies. Thus far, none have been identified.

But we have both learned some things about our bodies and what they like and don't like. The best part was the discovery of cooking different things, especially the gluten free cooking we have been doing. So here are a few of the recipes we have tried over the past 4 weeks.

I know there isn't a recipe here for the Zucchini Pasta , but I simply grated the zucchini with my handy dandy food processor, into strips and then sauteed them for about a minute, but not enough to make them squishy!
Resolution 21 of 52. Check.

The mashed cauliflower was amazing and I have actually made it 2 times since!
Resolution 22 of 52. Check.

I needed pumpkin pie spice for the next recipe and decided to make it from scratch. So simple!
Resolution 23 of 52. Check.

Grain Free Pumpkin Bars - I think I have made these a dozen times in the past 3 weeks. It has become our go to dessert that has only honey for sugar in it! And made from almonds!
Resolution 24 of 52. Check.
Grain free Apple Cinnamon Muffins - good, but I have one other recipe I want to try. 
 Resolution 25 of 52. Check.
Grain Free Raspberry Muffins - Another go to for Thomas and I. We leave out the chocolate chips though. And they are still amazing!
Resolution 26 of 52. Check.
The last freezer cooking I did, required taco seasoning and ranch mixes. So I decided to make my own!
Resolution 27 of 52. Check.
And then Thomas made us pitas. And they reminded me more of thick tortillas. So we made chicken with the taco seasoning and fajitas on the pitas! :)
Resolution 28 of 52. Check.
Breakfasts have been the hardest for us on this diet. Because although you can have meat, you cannot have pork, which of course is 90% of breakfast meats. So we have eggs, and we have been making our own chicken sausage. Thanks Dad for the meat grinder for Christmas! Could not have come at a better time for us.
Resolution 29 of 52. Check.

In the weekend I wanted to get a little creative, so I made both waffles and pancakes. Grain free of course. This paleo waffle recipe calls for both coco powder and chocolate chips, but they are still delicious if you follow this recipe, but leave those 2 items out.
Resolution 30 of 52. Check.

As for the pancakes, these pumpkin pancakes were delicious. Although we cannot have maple syrup yet, so I added a few blue berries to the batter and they were still moist and delicious! I think I will add a few more next time though :)
Resolution 31 of 52. Check.

After 2 weeks, we were craving anything sweet! So I found these almond flour sugar cookies. Surprisingly sweet!
Resolution 32 of 52. Check.

With already eating everything else weird, we decided to try cauliflower pizza. And to make it more fun, I found purple cauliflower. So we had BBQ chicken pizza. It was good, but definitely cannot replace regular pizza. 
Resolution 33 of 52. Check.
Orange and Red Bell Pepper Salsa on fish tacos. Sadly I cannot find the recipe I used, but it was 1 orange, 1 red bell pepper, 2 Roma tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper, and onion powder all pureed. Pretty great!
Resolution 34 of 52. Check.
For snacks, we have also been struggling. So I made corn nuts. The first round,  was horrible. The second round, was tolerable. So we will have to see if we can make it the third round perhaps?
Resolution 35 of 52. Check.

I had made beef jerky a few months ago and it was great pepper spicy beef jerky. It was definitely good, but I don't always like spicy, so I wanted to find another recipe I liked. This paleo, diet friendly beef jerky recipe was amazing! I actually left out the liquid smoke, because I didn't have any and it will still great. And I have also found that a london broil is a great piece of meat to use.
Resolution 36 of 52. Check.

And to celebrate our last phase of our diet, we are now allowed to eat some carbs. Brown rice is one of those carbs and so in our community group we had asian food night and I was able to make a garlic chicken fried brown rice recipe that was pretty great!
Resolution 37 of 52. Check. 

Only 15 items left of my pinterest new years challenge!