Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinterest Success and Fails

So I have discovered a few things about myself on pinterest. When I decide to make a new years resolution about doing 52 things, I discovered I mainly cook. And I bake. And only a few times do I get crafty.

So instead of doing a million and one posts, I am going to do a post to catch myself up. Because that is simplifying my life. Blogging less and living more. And then maybe I will catch you all up on what is happening in the household of the Kucera's.

So here we go.

Granola Bars
Thomas liked it as granola, but for me not so much. Any way shape or form.
Resolution 8 of 52. Check.

Parmesan Rosemary Crackers
Again, the flavor was not the best, but hey they are crackers from scratch. Not something I have mastered just yet.
Resolution 9 of 52. Check.
Flourless Pancakes
Eggs and a banana to make a pancake? Not my fav. A friend swears by it, but I would prefer something else. Like Almond Flour pan cakes. But that is coming in the next post.
Resolution 10 of 52. Check.
Shower Cleaner
Works well so far!
Resolution 11 of 52. Check.
Avocado Chicken Salad
Pretty good, but I will still keep looking for other recipes.
Resolution 12 of 52. Check.

From Scratch Nutella (or hazelnut spread)
Delicious. Although don't forget about the hazelnuts when they are in the oven, because then it has a well done taste.
This is one of my favorite Blogs! All things chocolate, but made from scratch and healthier!Love her!
Resolution 13 of 52. Check.
Microwaved Potato Chips
Amazing! Well, if you are a potato chip nazi maybe not, but I rarely eat them, so they satisfied the crunch I wanted at the time.
Resolution 14 of 52. Check.
Cranberry Orange Cupcakes with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting and a Cranberry Orange Drizzle
Pretty darn good. Although I would skip the frosting and just eat the muffins with the drizzle for breakfast. Much better idea.
Resolution 15 of 52. Check.
Good crockpot apple butter. We don't really eat crockpot butter though, so.... it sits in our fridge. I had made it for a recipe and then forgot what the recipe was. Oops.
Resolution 16 of 52. Check.

Sweet Veggie Muffins
I LOVE these! I actually added zucchini instead of carrots which was awesome. A note, do not switch the regular flour for almond flour. It doesn't work! At least a 1 for 1 switch does not.
Resolution 17 of 52. Check.
Pizza on a Stick!
With the cake pop fad, who doesn't love food on a stick? I used the pre-made pizza crust and they were great! I would add more pepperoni because I love tons of it!

Resolution 18 of 52. Check.
iPad/Kindle Cover
Just a little something to add to my list, that wasn't food! And I made one for an ipad and one for a kindle paper white. Love it!
Resolution 19 of 52. Check. 

Fruit Leathers
Fail. Gonna have to try again.
Resolution 20 of 52. Check.
Its not from pinterest, but... I made cauliflower fritters with fresh herbs! Delicious!