Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simplified Intentional Life

I know I made my first new years resolution about 52 pinterest items this year, but I have done more then just make a new years resolution that will be joyous and fun. I have actually thought about my past couple of years. Weird. I know.

When our new normal because 2 civilians, our life has kinda started over. I mean, what did it mean for us to be together constantly instead of having that once a year break for a year? Well, for us the first year was a year of unemployment, which coincided with my final year of school. Then last year it was a year of us both working full time and me starting a business. Because I never stop.

So this year I am trying to come to a screeching halt. Well as much as I will allow myself to. Other then work, community group, book club and my 9th grade girls bible study I have no other commitments. So instead of packing every evening with something I am required to be at, I am trying to take it a week or 2 at a time.

I am attempting to simplify my life. And be intentional.

My friend and community group leader Larry often talks about intentionality. And it is finally hitting close to home for me. So what am I being intentional about? It is the little things that most people make new years resolutions about.
1) Reading my bible more
2) Exercising
3) Flossing my teeth more
4) Cooking more new meals
5) Using reusable bags
6) Spending quality time with people
And in all of these things, there are no goals. Just simplify, intentional, slower pace in life.

In addition to being intentional about all of those things and more, I am trying to cut down all the stuff Thomas and I have. We are doing that 2 ways.
1) Cooking down the food in our cupboards
2) Minimizing the stuff in our house.

This is fun and at the same time hard. In cooking down our cupboards, we are trying to only buy veggies and nuts, but none of the other basics until we scale down on our freezer and pantry. I think we were ready for Armageddon. We have SO much food. And it is interesting to try and make the meals off of pinterest from the foods I have in my cupboard.

As for minimizing our stuff, we are room by room, going through our house and not only cleaning from top to bottom, but getting rid of the stuff we have not used in ages, that we really don't need.

And my take so far? It is refreshing. Not stressful. Refreshing. We will see what happens when we make it through the house, the cupboards, and this year of living intentionally.