Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Aftermath of Miscarrying

I realized that I have not yet written anything about the weeks after miscarrying and that is just as unknown as the waiting and the actual process.

The Aftermath:
After I miscarried, I ended up continuing my cycle for a full week. The thing I was not expecting was to continue spotting for another 2.5 weeks on top of that. I was still having crampy feelings and although the miscarrying process itself went rather smoothly, I was still a little nervous that there was still tissue in my uterus. That was the last thing that I wanted because of the chance of infection and endometriosis hindering our ability for future babies!

So at about 2 weeks of cramping and bleeding, I finally called the nurse. Keep in mind at no point did I ever have any of the symptoms of tissue still being there (dizziness, excess bleeding, intense pain), but I wanted to make sure! So she said that she wanted me to come in for blood work to see that my HCG levels were coming down appropriately (they needed to be below 5). She assured me that cramping was normal, my uterus did have to shrink back. We made an appointment, but it was for 3 weeks away because my DR was on vacation. Naturally.

So I went in that day, gave some blood, and waited for my call back. When they didn't call back the next day, I called them. When I finally got the call back, my HCG was at 36, so they asked that I come back in 2 weeks to test again. This was still before my appointment on the 3rd. I asked her again because I was still bleeding at this point, how I would know if I had any excess tissue. She told me that I would be doubled over in pain if it had been 3.5 weeks already. And of course I stopped spotting the next day.

I went in 2 weeks later and my HCG had gone down to 6. I was good to go and cancelled my appointment because I was feeling fine.

What to Expect:
  • The nurse said I could spot all the way up until my next cycle. I did not, but it is normal.
  • Your uterus does have to go back down just like after giving birth. Even if it is the size of a grapefruit not a 8 lb baby (lets be real, mine will be WAY bigger then 8 lbs!)
  • There will be funny pains/twinges. Just like after giving birth.
  • Your hormones will be WAY off and you will have blemishes for weeks! Bummer.
  •  Each and every one person is different in who quickly they heal physically and emotional, so be aware of that.


Whats Next:
I finally went into my IVF Dr after I started my cycle again 6 weeks after I miscarried. Everything looked perfect from miscarrying and for starting up our next round of IVF.

We missed the end of Feb-Mar window, so we will be doing the next round at the end of Mar-Apr.

But we are cleared! And I am on birth control, so here we go ROUND 3!!!

Third times the charm right?!

Love God's perfect promises lately.