Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thomas' Weekend with His Guys - Celebrating John and Marissa

As we are headed to Thomas’s brother’s wedding this weekend, we are staying with one of his best friends for a night. This friend just so happened to get married last month, so in honor of all things wedding this week, (and because we are staying with them on Thursday night) we will see one more wedding post before Thomas and I take off to spend a weekend with family celebrating more family being added in! Yay Christian and Lisa!
But back to this lovely couple. 

John and Marissa

It’s a joke, only not really. We kinda do call them that now.
We started out the trip with a wild experience. We stayed up until 10:30 pm to catch a plane out of Seattle. For those of you who know us well, that is painful. We get up at 4 am, so first off staying up that late physically hurts. And then there was the red-eye. This was my first and I learned that I am just too darn old for that! Wow! Hopefully a once in a life time experience when flying in the states.
We got there early Thursday am and after a quick cat nap headed over to a whirlwind of all things wedding. I headed over to John’s sister Audra’s house to help with the flowers and Thomas was picked up by the boys to go get their tux’s. The whole weekend was a blur after that morning, but I can tell you that there was a poker game, a rehearsal, a rehearsal dinner, more poker, a wedding, more poker, a crazy game of HORSE with a bunch of grown men and a little guy named Henry, and then to top it off, the final four game between Kentucky and Wisconsin. This is only important because of the joy I had in watching the bride Marissa (who is a crazy huge Kentucky fan) as the game wound down to the last few seconds. So great!


Cutest little guys ever.

The Wedding and Reception were both held here. Lovely.


So happy!!!

This crazy kid.

And he danced all night long.

I did not.

Henry was seriously a trooper.

This was serious business.

And even more poker.
We headed home at a fairly normal time Sunday morning, however the adventure did not stop there. Let me just tell you that the Alaska flight attendants are incredible when they have a 6’2” woman semi black out when standing in line to use the bathroom. But in all seriousness… 100% pure oxygen, a cup of orange juice, and a biscuit with strawberry jam from first class is just the thing a girl needs to feel 100% again. My favorite part of it all is that when the flight attendant asked for my info and I pointed them in Thomas’ direction (we were only sitting 3 rows from the back and he missed all the commotion leading up to her coming), his response was, “ So I hear you are being a little high maintenance and causing a little drama back here.” Love that man in a stressful situation. It was a combination of not enough sleep, dehydration, lack of food,  and feeling a little under the weather.

It was still a beautiful weekend to celebrate John and Marissa. 
So excited to get to know you better Marissa!

Now off to celebrate Christian and Lisa!