Friday, November 1, 2013

The Next Year of Thankfuls

Many of you  suffered Through an entire month of me posting my "thankfuls". First off, thanks for putting up with that. Second, no I am not going to do that to you again this year. Although Thomas does still have to do it with me every morning. Thanks for putting up with me Thomas!

Over the past year I have heard many good things about the book One Thousand Gifts. I know many people have read it and it is powerful. Although I have not read it yet (I am getting it on Sunday!), I have been reading the author's blog from her website A Holy Experience. I love her passion for gratitude. And I love the printable she made to help you to come up with your own 1000 gifts.

And most of all, I love the reminder to be full of gratitude year round. So this Thanksgiving, not only am I going to write my daily "thankful", I am now going to write 3 "thankfuls" a day and continue it on through the next year.

On top of that, another goal I have is to improve my photography. A friend of mine introduced me to the blog Click It Up A Notch where she is doing a 365 photo challenge. So although I am not doing it with all the gals online, I am doing it with just my friend Laura. Of course I am not going to put you through that either. You're welcome. The whole idea is that by picking up your camera every day, you will become a better photographer simply by focusing on it every day. Hope it works!

And I hope to incorporate the two. Take better pictures of the things I am thankful for... EVERY DAY. Oh man, that seems like a lot, but that is what commitment and improvement in life is all about. Spending time doing it.

Which brings me to my final 365 challenge to myself. Get in the Word. I can honestly say that in the past 29 years, I have never been in God's Word every day for a year. I want that to change. 

So here are the 3 things I hope to do every day between now and Nov 1st, 2014.
1. document my gratitude
2. take a picture
3. get in the Word

My Ultimate Goal: