Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Smell of Baking Bread

Being from So Cal, I always thought the people from the Pacific Northwest were "granola" or what we now view as green. The Oregonians and Washintonians were granola eating, composting, veggie people. And now I live in WA. We recycle to the point we have the smallest trash can possible and still we only have 1 paper bag full of actual garbage each week that they wont let us recycle in any way shape or form. We have our yard waste, our recycling including glass and batteries, and then on our own we have been composting.

Now on another related note I have never done a new years resolution because quite frankly I know myself and I will never do anything for a year straight. So I don't set myself up for failure. And I set so many other goals through out the entire year that I don't have to start Jan 1st with them. But this year is a little different. I am still not setting resolutions, but because I finished school last month, I am FREE! And by free I mean that I have way too much time on my hands. I mean I work full time, I have community group once a week and book club once a month, but other then that, I have way to much free time.

In my free time I think. I know :) probably shouldn't do that, but with so much time what can you do. You all know about my pinterest addiction. If you don't, it is a website where you can collect ideas for all things crafting and cooking. You "pin" things to your own board and well I have "pinned" over 5,000 different ideas. And that just means I have way too many crafts I just "need" to do. :)

It seems as though these are a few different random thoughts but let me bring them all together. In thinking too much I have thought about how to be a little healthier. Partially because I hear so much about exercising and eating healthy because it is that time of year, but also because Thomas will have issues now and then and I believe what we eat effects how we feel. So I am being green by eating more green and by eating less processed foods. All in all we pretty stinking healthy already, but granola bars and crackers are quick snacks we still partake in with our homemade trail mixes. But I went one step further.

Through pinterest I found recipes for both kale and chard chips.

(I have to throw out there, a great green bean recipe I found the other day. I have not liked green beans up until now, especially the typical thanksgiving recipe, but I was impressed the other day.) With the kale chips I recommend the sites, but toss the leaves with oil. And definitely use the tin foil or parchment paper.

So here I am, with way too much time on my hands, and I am making homemade kale chips, while my husband is outside turning the compost bin. We have done it. We have become green. Well almost. We have yet to bring our own bags to the grocery store, but mainly because we use the paper bags as trash bags. But one day....

Next up...
...making homemade granola bars and our own reusable baggies for our lunches. I have the site, I just need to do it. But don't hold me to a date. :) I don't like having deadlines now that I am out of school.

I will also keep you posted about fun crafts and things I made for christmas presents. Maybe I will post that next since it is sunday and although my kale chips are done, Thomas is now making his homemade bread that he is so proud of.