Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving time

Happy November!!!
Can you believe that Thanksgiving is a mere 2 ½ weeks away? So far Thomas and I don’t have any major plans other then cooking up a feast for just the two of us and any other stranglers who want a place to eat. Any takers? No seriously, we would love the company.

Over the past few weeks we have had quite a few dinners with friends. We are so grateful for all the great friends God has placed up here in WA for us.

This year was also decided to do a daily thankful and here is what we have so far…
1. T – a job; M – our home
2. T – for Mica; M –God and Thomas’ grace
3. T – for his health; M – a strong marriage
4. T – our home; M – our bible study
5. T – our small group; M – great in-laws
6. T – comfy beds; M – our health
7. T – someone to take care of him; M – a great job
8. T – car pool lane; M – Joy in Jesus
9. T – yummy food; M – good food
10. T – tea that is warm and yummy; M – good dental insurance
11. T – comfy blankets; M – freedom
12. T - soap; M – great friends
13. T - scarfs; M – good sleep
14. T - wool; M – the internet (how it makes my life easier and more creative)
15. T – soft toilet paper; M – clear skies

We will keep you posted at the end of the month with what we come up with for the last 15 thankful items.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!